Cristiano Ronaldo makes 100 times more money than Pelé did in his prime. If you understand why, you’ll know when to expect an AI to take your job.
This is not the Earth, it's future Mars. What will it really look like? What are the priorities when terraforming it?
Understand the Martian Geography, how the planet works, and what are the best places to settle.
Specific ways you can help improve Uncharted Territories and be part of the team
What makes some sea spots dead or alive? Why are some ancient ships well preserved? Can the seas feed humankind?
You know why tropical waters are so transparent? Because they're dead. This also explains why global warming might *freeze* Europe.
An analysis of my own biases when analyzing the masks paper, and how I tried to neutralize them.
I broke down a recent meta-analysis that got tons of publicity, and what I found was such poor science it was FUNNY!
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