What did we discuss in 2022? What will we discover in 2023
Look at this crazy chart: This is the loneliness epidemic. And it’s killing you! What is the cause? Is it our suburban life? Doom-scrolling on social…
Java has a larger population than Russia. It's smaller than Japan but has a bigger population. It's nearly 8x denser than neighboring Sumatra. Why? Is…
When new information should change people's worldview, they don't fully absorb it. It takes them years. This is an opportunity for those who can…
Urban density has massive advantages. Why aren't cities denser?
The spread of humans across the globe has been defined by transportation technologies like ships or horses. These same transportation technologies also…
For thousands of years, a hidden rule limited the size of empires, unbeknownst to their rulers.
The single biggest force shaping the internal structure of cities has been transportation technology.
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Uncharted Territories