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Thomas.....you keep getting better and better! I'd love to see more on how geological formations came about.....like the Grand Canyon for example.

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One of the consequence of the salinity crisis was a tsunami which occurred 40 years ago in Antibes, south of France. Long story short :

- during the crisis, the Var river dug a canyon below today sea level

- after the mega flood, this canyon was filled with unstable mud and sediments

- 40 years ago, the Nice airport was extended over the sea by pouring stuff in the sea and building above

- ... until a huge (+100km long) underwater sediment avalanche suddenly occurred, making the construction site to collapse in the sea, engulfing the workers, and creating a tsunami which would flood the city in front, Antibes

Some links in french :



Because of the high level of corruption in this french region, and because some high ranking people did not want to see their incompetence to much discussed on the public arena, most of the reports were classified for one century.

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So great article Tomas. I've always believed this may happen somehow in Caspian Sea as it is 28m below sea level, linking Don and Volga rivers, although they already have a channel link.

This may solve a bit the rise of sea level in the world, but a complete disaster for the coast cities in Carpian Sea, specially in Azerbaijan.

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The Amazon video looks great, I enjoyed it and shared it!

About the Mediterranean, you might have come across this comic (XKCD) which makes a very interesting story also linked to rivers growing dramatically: http://geekwagon.net/projects/xkcd1190/

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Thanks for the effort on recording the videos 🙏🙏🙏

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Unless I missed it, this article didn't really explain why the megaflood happened, just how it happened. I'm more pointing this out not to be pedantic or anything, but because I'm genuinely curious about what the theories are for this and your subheading seemed to suggest that would be brought up.

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