Today, I bring you an interview with Eva Maydell, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Bulgaria. I will send the podcast version of the…
When male bees ejaculate, their penis explodes and then they die. Do they sound like special snowflakes amazed at their uniqueness?
COVID, the future of nation-states, Germany’s nuclear, plastics, intellectual honesty, Substack’s roadmap, Russia, and Africa’s colonization
in Two Maps
Following on this week’s article on The Future of Substack, I wanted to cover a few more aspects of the long-form written: How Star Journalists will…
And How It Might Replace The New York Times
And Two More Public Speaking Techniques
An Interview with Lyman Stone
Only 6 countries have raised their fertility above their replacement rate. Only one has done it substantially, and it didn't even take money. What…
How Enlightenment Crushed Its Creator
Two centuries and a half ago, two world regions had a fertility revolution. Soon after, they both had a political revolution. These facts are connected.