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🌎 How to Create a New City or State?

💡 What Future Energy Revolutions Do We Need?

💡 Modern Energy Revolutions

💡 What Can We Learn About Energy from Ancient Energy Revolutions?

Quarterly Update Q2 2023

🌍 Seaflooding: Past Experience and Future Plans

🌎 Seaflooding

Was There a Mythological Flood?

The Megaflood that Created the Mediterranean

No Room for Deep Space

Starship Will Change Humanity Soon

Are Maps Deceitful?

Maps Distort How We See the World

How Chicago Became So Huge

The Rise and Fall of Pittsburgh

Future Humans Are Sporadic Indulgences

Infinite Intelligence Solves Most Problems

Automation: Fear of the Past, Economists’ Mistakes, and More

Can We See the Impact of Automation in the Economics Statistics?

How Fast Will AI Automation Arrive?

When Will AI Take Your Job?

Understand Mars’s Surface Better

What Is the Best Real Estate on Mars?

How You Can Make Uncharted Territories Better, Latest on Masks, and an Interview on the Future of Humanity

Fascinating Facts about the Oceans

Why Are Tropical Waters Dead, and Can They Kill Europe?

Masks Follow-Up: How to Fight Biases

Do Masks Work?

Results of the Survey on How to Improve Uncharted Territories

Quarterly Update Q1 2023

Why Is Burma a Military Dictatorship with Constant Civil War?

Why 50% of the World's Population Lives in This Circle?

Brazil, Part II: Everything Else You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About Brazil

Can Brazil Become a Superpower?

The Amazon Rainforest

Premium Subscribers: How to Improve Uncharted Territories

Uncharted Territories: What's Coming in 2023

A Mental Epidemic

Why is Java So Weird?!

Incorporate Information Immediately

The Ceiling of Building Up

How Transportation Technologies Shaped Empires, Part 2: Human Spread and Limited Conquests

How Transportation Technologies Shaped Empires