Sitemap - 2022 - Uncharted Territories

A Connected Place

How Transportation Technologies Shape Cities

Why Cities Are Fractal

The Problem with Elon’s Management

Why Some Cities Thrive

Twitter 2.0, Final Part: Ads and User Acquisition

A Roadmap for Twitter, Part 2: Subscriptions

What Should Twitter Do Next? Part 1: Retention

Quarterly Update Q4 2022

Generative AI: What Companies Will Win?

Generative AI: Everything You Need to Know

Boring ≠ Serious

Why the World Becomes Progressive

Why Did Vikings Appear Out of Nowhere?

Freedom Will Always Win

How to Design an Online Watercooler

How to Prepare Dates and Find Business Partners

Standing on the Shoulders of Gnomes

The UK's Unique Monarchy, Language, and Freedom

A Brief History of the UK

German Nuclears: Main Takeaways, Latest News, and Full Interview

Will the German Nuclear Reactors Continue Operating? An Interview with Mark Nelson

Let Others Speak Over You

Why Is Elon Musk Having So Many Kids with So Many Women

Ruble, Appeasers, and How Climate Change Might Decide the Winner of Russia’s Invasion

How to Fight Putin, Climate Change, and Your Energy Bills

The Blue Pill Is Better

Why Is Pakistan Drowning and China Drying?

Why Do 900 Million People Speak Spanish and Portuguese the Way They Do?

Why Catalonia Is Part of Spain but Portugal Is Not?

A Brief History of Portugal

A Brief History of Spain

The Future of NFTs

What NFTs Can Learn from Art and Luxury

What NFTs Can Learn from Art and Luxury

August Updates 2022

The Logic of Myths

The Secret of the Universe

Why Countries Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot

Assholes All the Way Down

Martels vs Hasfiris

What Will Happen If We Never Die?

The 4 Ways You Might Live Forever

What the History of Finance Can Tell Us About a Better Democracy

The Democracy of the Future

How to Understand France

France's Bowels

Thank You

Tech Winter vs. Inflation

An Interview with Eva Maydell, Euro-parliamentarian

You’re a Piece of Software

May Updates 2022: COVID, the future of nation-states, Germany’s nuclear, plastics, intellectual honesty, Substack’s roadmap, Russia, and Africa’s colonization

Why Europeans Colonized America Before Africa

The Future of Written News

The Future of Substack

The Fire Inside

Why Is Fertility Down, and What Can Be Done About It?

Why Germany Won’t Keep Its Nuclear Plants Open

The Man Who Made 50,000 Babies

Children Equal Power

The Twin Revolutions of Politics and Fertility

Hypergrowth Society

Schrödinger's Gun

Network Wars

The United States of Europe

The Future of the European Union

How Elon Musk Defies the Laws of Gods

Citizen Kane Moments of Innovation

The Core Formula of Internet Businesses

Why Spotify Won’t Take Down Joe Rogan

Platforms and Aggregators

The Ineluctable Progress of English

Debate Is Broken. How to Improve It

How to Give Feedback Tactfully and Specific COVID Predictions

AI Does It Best

COVID: End(emic) Game

Coronavirus: Game Over

The Future of Russia

How to Fight the Retail Apocalypse

Russia's Dilemma

How to Give Quality Feedback

Uncharted Territories in 2022: What Do You Want to Read?